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Numerous situations occur in our life which can be solved with the help of the legal system. By obtaining proper information and with proactive thinking these cases can be managed efficiently, however this occurs the least times, in spite of the fact that we are aware that a wrong decision may result in serious consequences. As a lawyer I seek to inform my proactive clients the most thoroughly about their possibilities and represent effectively on a high professional level those who need to face the consequences of their decisions.

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Fields of Expertise


Consulting, legal counselling HUF 15.000
Contract 1%
Extrajudicial procedures 5 % , but minimum HUF 45.000
Judicial Procedure I. degree Depending on the subject of the procedure HUF 150.000
+ HUF 40.000 per hearing (for trial and substantive hearing as well)
Divorce proceeding HUF 120.000
Termination of joint ownership and compensation lawsuits 5% of the subject of the procedure
+ HUF 40.000 per hearing
Judicial Procedure II. degree 50 % of the fee of the I. degree procedure
+ HUF 40.000 per hearing
Supreme Court of Justice procedure According to agreement
Criminal law representation HUF 150.000 per case
+ HUF 40.000 per interrogation, HUF 50.000 per hearing or according to agreement
Establishment of a company HUF 60.000
Modification of a company HUF 40.000

(There is possibility to pay in instalments, according to agreement)
The above fees do not include costs incurred (travel costs, procedural costs and levies, etc.)
The indicated prices do not include VAT.
The above prices are informative, due to the differences in cases, the prices shall be negotiated individually.